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You either fall into one of two categories. You are a regular visitor to your local tailor, or you never get your clothing tailored at all.

The truth is not many people can walk into a store and purchase an item of clothing that fits perfectly. When your clothes fit you perfectly, you look in proportion which provides an overall improved aesthetic.

Ready made clothing is made to specific specifications to fit a broad range of shapes and sizes. Unfortunately, we are all different shapes and sizes, therefore we can’t all fit into one size. Tailoring your garments helps with many common fit issues.

We recommend that you should have your pants, skirt and dress lengths hemmed to suit your height. Sleeve lengths for jackets and long sleeve garments are also a common fit issue. Your expert tailor will be able to assist you with the correct alterations based on your body shape and your body proportions.

When you arrive at the tailor, you will need to try on your garment. The tailor will discuss the fit and explain how the alterations will look by pinning and marking the necessary adjustments so you can visualise the change. Once your garment is pinned you should see a major difference in the overall fit. Be sure to ask your tailor how much the alterations will cost. Basic alterations are generally a set price.

Well fitting clothing will make your garments look more expensive. A good fit can make you look slimmer. Tailoring your garments gives you definition giving you a better overall silhouette.

It usually takes small tweaks to a garment to elevate it from ok to perfect. In our Wardrobe Makeover Service, we show you how many ill fitting garments you have in your wardrobe and how they can go from good to GREAT.




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