Mon Jul 13, 2020 | styledbyjadeweb

“What’s the latest in earring trends, for 2020?”

This season statement earrings are having a big moment. We want to share the latest earring trends spotted on the international runways at Fashion Week, for Winter 2020.

From opulent, chunky, large, long, dramatic, pearls, gems, chandelier, hoops, mismatch and ear cuffs. Make sure your earrings are the focal point of your outfit this season.

Long earrings

Long earrings may not be totally practical, but nothing will have higher impact than a striking extra long pair of earrings.

Ultra glamorous long earrings are not only worn for evening wear but also worn casually.



Hoop earrings are an ageless staple every woman should have in their jewellery box. Hoop sizes tend to vary from season to season.

This season hoops are making bold statements with textural and sculptural shapes and styles.

Gold hoops, silver hoops, thick hoops, double hooped, hoops decorated with dangly beads, fringes, spikes, and netting are all trends you need to know about for the season.


Pearl earrings

Pearls are a timeless classic that can be worn any time for any occasion. This season we are seeing a modern interpretation of pearls from the South Sea to Keshi to cultured pearls.

The modern silhouettes include sleek, organic and rough cut pearls, more natural shapes. Designs are sculptured and include interesting metalwork.



Tassel earrings

Long dangly tassel earrings flooded the runways this season. This super fun trend is a great way to add colour and a bohemian vibe to your look. Beaded tassels, chain tassels, and silk tassels are right on trend.

Try matching your tassel hue with your outfit to get the look.



Mismatch Earrings

One of the biggest earring trends for the season is mismatched earrings. Different shapes, sizes, colours, and patterns are worn intentionally, to get the look.

Symmetry is out the window and the bolder the statement, the better.




Chandelier earrings create high drama to any outfit. This season we are seeing long, elaborate dangling earrings featuring various tiers of gemstones, crystals and beads.

Modern shape chandelier earrings are made of a wide range of precious metals, textures, and designs.




There is nothing more glamorous than oversized ‘80s inspired brightly coloured rhinestones earrings.

Designers have created playful statement pieces using colourful gigantic stones, in round, pear, and emerald cut shapes.


Ear cuffs

Ear cuffs are a simple way to add a bad girl edge to your outfit. The earring cuff trend, covers the entirety of the ear sitting snug making a big bold statement.

This season’s ear cuffs have been designed in different shapes and materials. Gold, silver, rhinestones and pearls have been hugely popular materials used.