STYLED BY JADE & Co have received the following testimonials, from some of her very happy clients.

* Please note, Jade & her team do not not take before and after photos of clients.

Hi Jade thank you so much for yesterday! She had a great day and you make her feel so good about herself! You are so good at what you do. Can’t wait to do it again. Thanks again.

Kerrie, Mother of Courtney 17 years old Personal Shopping

Thank you again for yesterday Jade! I went to my date feeling very ‘like me’ last night in my long black COS dress, sleeveless trench and the red shoe. People stopped to look in Enmore! Knowing my wardrobe will allow me to express who I really am, I hope we can continue to be shopping sistas! xx

Suzanne, 38: Property Stylist, Petersham Wardrobe Makeover & Personal Shopping

Hi Jade, Thank you so much as I am removing labels redefining etc I’m in amazement, bragging to my girlfriends lol Thanks again the journey has been worth it. Kedra

Kedra: Cherrybrook Wardrobe Makeover & Personal Shopping

Jade completely revolutionised the way I think about fashion. You know the old adage – when you’re in the market for a red car, suddenly you notice how many red cars there are around? It was like that the week after our consultation – I was really paying attention to people’s outfit combinations and accessories, and noticing their degrees of personal style, which is something I saw but never really noticed much before. I was worried that a fashion consultant would turn their nose up at my very humble collection of clothes, suggest a list of ridiculously expensive alternatives and leave me with nothing much more than a lighter wallet and a feeling of inadequacy. But the diametric opposite was true. Jade walked in with a sunny smile, made me feel instantly comfortable, got an idea of what I wanted to achieve and walked me through a bunch of deceptively simple, entirely fantastic and wonderfully realistic suggestions to improve and add to what I had. Not only does Jade help you add to your wardrobe, she also has an eye for what you can scale back on. My favourite part was when she said, wisely and entirely justifiably, “I say this with love – you do not need any more cardigans or printed t-shirts”. To a friend of mine, she gently suggested that she did not need to her already enormous collection of socks. Now, whenever either of us are tempted by cardigans or socks respectively, we text each other a photo with the hashtag #jadesaysno. Our wardrobes are happier for it. I can’t recommend a consultation with Jade highly enough. Along with her stylishness, she brings a sense of humour and a general non-judgemental, down-to earth loveliness. If you’re looking for a gift idea for a friend or partner, it’s also one of the best presents you can buy someone.

Hi lovely! I’m still on a high! I am just at a friends place and showed then my haul, they loved it. I love it!! Thank you SO much for today. You are such a wonderful, caring, beautiful and talented person. I had a fantastic time and couldn’t be happier with my purchases. Brilliant day, brilliant experience. Thanks again. I am already spreading the word! xx

Sonja: Teacher Wardrobe Makeover & Personal Shopping

Hey Jade! I know you’re super busy but I just had to tell you, I ordered the suede loafers and got them during the Vogue Sale. But more importantly, my work pants are feeling awesome AND I’ve already been asked if I’ve lost weight. Compared to the pants I wore before, I definitely notice the difference but it’s even better when others do too. It’s all thanks to you and I really can’t thank you enough. You did exactly what you said you would – give me back my confidence.

Helen: Bondi Personal Shopping

I have been on three different shopping excursions with Jade, and she is absolutely amazing!! She made me feel very comfortable from the get-go, and very quickly was able to get an idea of the sorts of things I wanted but also used her stylish flair to choose loads of different clothes for me. She is such a lovely, warm, and genuine person, but most importantly is super stylish and made me feel fabulous. Definitely treat yourself to a shopping spree with Jade at the helm!

Fairlie Fairlie, Radio Presenter i98FM Personal Shopping

Thanks so much for today!! Love, love all my clothes. You’re the bestest x we must wine sometime!

Romney: Shell Cove Wardrobe Makeover & Personal Shopping

OMG!! I’m sooooo happy with what I have bought thank you sooooo much for today! You’re so awesome! I feel empowered and excited about my wardrobe again!! And I feel empowered about building on it! Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Sevgi: Melbourne Personal Shopping

Thanks again! Awesome day.. .I now have everything I need and more lol

Mel: Melbourne Personal Shopping

Hi Jade thanks for a fun day. Now I need to work out what I am wearing next week stay in touch!

Mina, Business Development Manager:Marsfield Wardrobe Makeover & Personal Shopping